Agility Footwork

Available to you or your team is the Agility Ladder Training tool. Agility ladder training exercises are extremely beneficial for baseball because of the various quick and explosive movements that are utilized in the sport.

In order to effectively field ground balls, pitchers, infielders and outfielders must be able to move side to side in quick bursts. For baseball players this is essential for developing running speed, coordination, balance, quickness, and explosion. In addition, the agility ladder can also be an effective form of conditioning because of the high-intensity level.

College and professional athletes nationwide incorporate this training technique into their strength training regime during the off-season, and even during the regular season.




"Hitting is the most difficult thing to do in sports." Ted Williams
Most youngsters think you grip the bat with your hands. You don't! You grip it with your fingers." Stan Musial

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A balanced stance in hitting is nothing more than a modification of the "athletic stance" which is important in all sports.

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With this drill we practice grounders, short and long throws, running toss and underhand toss while maintaining alertness to the changing requirements of the catch and throw from each new position.