About Us

My name is Carlos Garcia and I am the owner of 5 Tools Batting Cage & Training Facility. For over 15 years I have been teaching and working with students and students athletes to help them succeed as people and athletes at the next level. At 5 Tools we realize that it is more about helping kids develop confidence in them to confront the challenges they face as kids and creating a skill set to help deal with the challenges they will have as they get older.

With baseball at the framework for developing confidence and personal growth, we work on mechanics and doing the simple things the right way. I have seen far too many players not achieve their dreams because they lack the tools to hit a baseball the right way. For instance, hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult things to do in sports; therefore, it pays to not complicate things. When you see a professional hitter hit a homerun and he or she barely swung the bat is because he or she was keeping things simple and using the right mechanics. Because of my coaching success, I realized that this is what I was meant to do and that is why I decided to open a batting cage facility.




"Hitting is the most difficult thing to do in sports." Ted Williams
Most youngsters think you grip the bat with your hands. You don't! You grip it with your fingers." Stan Musial

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A balanced stance in hitting is nothing more than a modification of the "athletic stance" which is important in all sports.

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With this drill we practice grounders, short and long throws, running toss and underhand toss while maintaining alertness to the changing requirements of the catch and throw from each new position.